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Landscape Design

Our design services span iconic destinations, themed attractions, parkland, commercial hubs and new communities. We view landscape design not as a static process but as a flexible and dynamic art requiring both detailed analysis and trans-disciplinary collaboration. Our design teams aim to identify and express regional qualities and then to integrate specific user demands for each project. Finally we aim to create specific memories and highlights for each and every project.

Our design is not of a singular language. We advocate a diversity of design approaches that best add value in an efficient, open and passionate approach. We are committed to providing our clients with a reliable, responsible and comprehensive design service for every project.

Master Planning

The core of urban problems is the people living in it, so the starting point of urban work is people. Our urban planning is devoted to studying people's living environment and daily behavior, understanding the city's history, analyzing the city's present, and looking ahead at the city’s future. Our ideal of planning comes from our understanding of the history of human social development and the accumulation of a series of urban practical experiences. In formulating the master plan, we focus on the integration of urban form, public space, land use and transportation, the application of ecological and intelligent technology in community development, and intentionally create a convenient, comfortable, shared and safe sense of place. As a master planner, we try to establish an overall coordination platform mechanism that integrates all kinds of information and resources we have, cares for customers' demands, plans, coordinates and controls project participants, assists customers to make key decisions, and ensures the high-quality promotion and completion of the design process.

Urban Design

The core of our planning work is urban design, which has been accompanied by the company's business development for nearly 40 years and provides design guidance for other related professions. Our urban design process emphasizes cross-border communication, collision of different professional designers' ideas and cooperation. From urban renewal, station-city integration, mixed community to campus planning, characteristic town and science and innovation park, we study the development trend of local policies, use international frontier design concepts and systematic design standards to balance the interests of all parties, and guide the follow-up architectural and landscape design. Our enthusiastic and professional urban design team comes from diverse backgrounds such as planning, architecture, landscape and arts, and is skilled in providing marvelous visual and economical design schemes to ensure the efficient implementation and sustainable development of the project.

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