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  • Quanzhou Binjiang Chenzhou Tingzhou The Reunion of Green and City - HKILA Award 2021-23 - SILVER AWARD
  • H Zentre - Hong Kong, Quality Building Award 2022 / HK Non-Residentail ( New Building - Non- Government, Institution or Community) - Merit Award
  • HKIP AWARDS 2021 Silver Award - Central Market, Hong Kong
  • The Hong Kong Institute of Architects Special Architectural Award - Heritage & Adaptive Re-use - Central Market, Hong Kong
  • HKILA Landscape Architecture Contribution Award - The Fangshan Wisdom Farm, Beijing
  • HKILA Landscape Architecture Contribution Award - Restoration of Maozhou River ( Guangming Section ), Shenzhen
  • Beijing Capital Land’s ‘Annual Outstanding Design Supplier’
  • China State Construction Engineering Corporation’s ‘Semi-Annual Outstanding Supplier’ in Ecological Smart City Projects
  • The 8th IDEA-KING Award of Annual Outstanding Design for Wenzhou Ruian Caocun Characteristic Rural Town Planning Project
  • The 12th Asian Famous Brand Awards
  • The New Era Chinese Brand Innovation Character’ at the 12th Asian Brand Event: Andross Chan
  • The 13th Top 10 Innovation Asian Brand Award
  • The New Era Chinese Brand Innovation Character’ at the 13th Asian Brand Event: Andross Chan
  • 2017 Excellent Design Supplier of Fosun Real Estate
  • Second Prize of Shanghai Excellent Engineering Design Awards
  • Asian Urban Landscape Awards: Suzhou Steiff Farm
  • READ Star Design & Real Estate Design Award: BIDG-Dongjiao Center, Shanghai
  • Asian Townscape Awards for China Beijing Agro-Ecology Valley COFCO Farm Project
  • Asian Townscape Awards for Guizhou Province, Guiyang City, Nanming District, Shanty Towns Revitalization Project
  • Quality Control System Certificate GB/T19001-2008 IDT ISO 9001:2008 Standard of Landscape Architecture Design Services and Related Consulting Services
  • Landscape Architecture Frontiers Vice-Presidency
  • China Investigation & Design Management Association - Andross Chan(EADG CEO)
  • International New Landscape Member Unit
  • The 8th IDEA-KING International Landscape Planning & Design Competition - Best Landscape Design
  • Class B Qualification in Landscape Architecture Design
  • Jingan District Five Stars Harmonious Workforce Relations Unit
  • The 6th Kinpan Award for Best Villa Landsea Group Beautiful Oasis, Hangzhou
  • Best Designer for Wuhan National Bio-industry
  • Chinese & Overseas Landscape Vice-Presidency
  • China Habitat Review Committee Granted Golden Award for Conceptual Design of Landscape Engineering in Shouyi South Axis Area
  • Color Environment Award of China 2009 for Shanghai Oriental Garden Villa
  • 2008 Green Building Award for Vertical Greening Research Study
  • 2008 Quality Building Award - Certificate of Merit (Residential Category) for Hong Kong Kwai Chung Estate (Phases 3 -5)
  • High Quality Public Housing Construction + Maintenance Award for The Planning Design of Tin Shui Wai 101 – Phase 2
  • The 2nd International Design Competition of Asia Habitat Environment and Urban Architecture
  • Asian Habitat Award for Planning & Designing Award for Shandong Jiaozhou Discharging Water Area Master Plan
  • China’s Top 10 Garden & Landscape Firms of the Year 2006
  • China’s Top 10 Outstanding Landmark Building Landscape Design Firms
  • Asian Habitat Award for Planning & Designing Award for “DISNEY”
  • CIHAF China’s Top Ten Landscape Architecture Institutes
  • HKILA Award of Merit
  • Shimao Riviera Garden at New Age Classic Habitat Project Competition Classic Habitat Award
  • Shimao Riviera Garden at New Age Classic Habitat Project Competition Classic Habitat Award
  • Bay City at New Age Classic Habitat Project Competition Planning Environment Golden Award
  • Landscape Architecture Frontiers Vice-Presidency
  • China Economic Summit Forum & the 8th China Economic Figures Award Ceremony - Andross Chan China's 100 Outstanding Figures in Economy
  • Livable China - 2010 Top Ten Architectural Design Enterprise Award
  • Best Collaborative Team Award
  • Asian Townscape Awards for City of Dreams
  • Asian Townscape Awards for Ngau Chi Wan Park
  • Green Asia Habitat Awards for Vision City

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