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  • Hong Kong Office  >
  • Hong Kong Office

    11/F COFCO Tower,262 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

    Tel : 852-2559 9438

    Fax : 852-2559 9841

    Mail : info@earthasia.com.hk

  • Shanghai Office  >
  • Shanghai Office

    Building 8, Jing'an Park, 1649 West Nanjing Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China

    Tel : 86-21-62389008

    Fax : 86-21-62389108

    Mail : LiuB@earthasia.com.cn

  • Shenzhen Office  >
  • Shenzhen Office

    EADG has played a vital role in the rise of landscape design in China and Asia-Pacific region, since its establishment in Hong Kong in 1981. Shenzhen Branch, as the headquarters of EADG Group in South China, cooperates closely with the headquarters of the Group, Hong Kong Company and other branches. With a team of international and professional designers from all over the world, a large number of excellent projects have been created in landscape architecture, urban design and planning at home and abroad through advanced international approaches. Over the years, Shenzhen Branch is pursuing innovation and challenge for difficult projects on the basis of numerous successful cases. At the same time, Shenzhen Branch has actively participated in international competitions and trained a number of excellent designers.

    Room 709, Xintian Century Business Center, Block B, North Two Street Futian District, Shixia Stone,

    Tel : 86-755-82791418

    Fax : 86-755-82791468

    Mail : dua@earthasia.com.hk

  • Guangzhou Office  >
  • Guangzhou Office

    Since its establishment, Guangzhou Branch has provided high-quality landscape consultant services for clients with innovative design concepts, people-oriented service model and outstanding design team. Since the construction of Dawan District in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao was promoted by the state, under the guidance of the company's concept of "Guangzhou as the center, radiating Dawan District", Guangzhou Branch made continuous efforts to provide high-quality services regarding landscape design, urban design and environmental planning for the development of Dawan District. Guangzhou is helping EADG Group to make a new journey and with outstanding achievements.

    71-5 Chuang Jing Hui Ying Ke Zhi Gu, 67 Dong Pu Zhen Er Ma Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China

    Tel : 86-20-8516 0538

    Fax : 86-20-8516 0535

    Mail : dua@earthasia.com.hk

  • Beijing Office  >
  • Beijing Office

    EADG Beijing Branch was established in March 2006. With more than 30 years of development platform, it is continuously exploring and studying the specific direction of Beijing's exclusive characteristics, and producing important projects such as Blue Beijing Harbour, Beijing COSFO Farm, Beijing Conrad Hotel, Beijing Songzhuang Urban and Rural Landscape masterplan. As a branch with international background and cultural history, every employee of EADG Beijing has the same mission: "Make the world more beautiful"! We have thousands of flower seeds in our pockets, waiting ten thousand hectares of land for us to sow.

    Room 4503, Unit 2, Tower A1, Fuli Yunhe No.10, Tongzhou District, Beijing

    Tel : 86-10-6569 3558

    Fax : 86-10-6569 3559

    Mail : LiuB@earthasia.com.cn

  • Wuhan Office  >
  • Wuhan Office

    Since the establishment of Wuhan Branch, it focus on local market, and radiating the whole Central China market. In the residential, commercial, public and other fields, we have created excellent landscape products with unique attributes and values. During the whole design process, how to transform the excellent concept into actual project is our goal for each project. In addition to Schematic Design and Construction Design , Wuhan branch also provides working drawing design and site services to ensure that the actual construction is the same to the design concept

    Room 16, 4/F, China Construction Science and Technology Industrial Park G3 Office Building, No.797

    Tel : 86-27-8555 8265

    Fax : 86-27-8555 8267

    Mail : LiuB@earthasia.com.cn

  • Changsha Office  >
  • Changsha Office

    On August 8th 2018, EADG Changsha Branch was officially established, which will help EADG Group to provide more timely, comprehensive and high-quality services for urban and rural construction in Central China. It will also play a very important role in enhancing the influence of EADG International Brand and enhancing the radiation capacity of the Group. Relying on solid design strength, EADG has made gratifying achievements in Hunan Province. At present, the high-quality projects completed or under construction include: Changsha Yi’jiang and Si he Water Tourism Planning, Changsha Xiangjiang Island Planning, Changsha Yanghu Wetland Park Phase III Landscape Design, etc.

    Room 1003, Building 1, Xiangyu Central, No. 235, Wuyi Road, Furong District, Changsha City, Hunan Pr

    Tel : 0731-84863006

    Fax : 0731-84863009

    Mail : tank@earthasia.com.cn

  • Xiamen Office  >
  • Xiamen Office

    In March 2013, EADG established Xiamen Branch. Ludao-Xiamen as the core, xiamen branch is radiating surrounding cities , South China and even Hong Kong. With a professional design team and close cooperation with our headquarter, we have completed projects including open space , waterfront ,commercial and residential landscape and accumulated numerous successful experiences. At the same time, we are constantly seeking progress, striving to create better performance and more difficulties.

    5/F, East 8 Tower, Wu Yi Industry, Si Ming District, Xiamen, China

    Tel : 86-592-5351168

    Fax : 86-592-5351169

    Mail : LiuB@earthasia.com.cn

  • Xi An Office  >
  • Xi An Office

    Xi'an Branch was established in 2010, focusing on serving customers in the western region. We are closely cooperating with the owner's project schedule and supervising the construction accuracy. We has successively built a number of first class projects, such as Xi'an City Sports Park, Wenjing Road Ecological Green Belt, Betula Forest, Zhonghai International Community, China Construction Kaiyuan 1, Yinchuan Zhonghai Community and Kunming Park 1903. With the rising international status, Xi’an branch is looking forward to working with more customers to create brilliance.

    A1807, Greenland Center , 1 Jinye Road, High-Tech Zone, Xi'an

    Tel : 86-29-8187 8939

    Mail : LiuB@earthasia.com.cn

  • Changchun Office  >
  • Changchun Office

    Room 1013, 10F, A1 Tower, Shang Dong International Building, No.3000 Dong Sheng Da Jie, Er Dao Distr

    Tel : 86-431-81773663

    Fax : 86-431-81773663

    Mail : LiuB@earthasia.com.cn

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