On the day of the Shangxian Lake Fund Park project, with the vision of "an ecological office park hidden in the jungle", it is hoped that relying on the Shangxian Lake Wetland Park around the project, the 4 service supporting buildings and 27 office buildings in the park will be integrated through landscape creation. The wooden houses are connected in series to present a high-quality independent fund park, opening a new era of island office, water office and forest office. In the project planning, the supporting buildings are simulated as "cocoons" and placed at the core of the site to provide business services such as roadshows, exhibition arrangements, conferences, etc., combined with office groups in various regions to form a spatial skeleton that "breaks out of cocoons and becomes butterflies". The waterfront landscape belt extending in the core tourist area of the park cleverly combines the boardwalk and the flower forest trail, extending the sightseeing route to each office area group. The peripheral characteristic terrain and plant space wrap the office group in a semi-enclosed form. Among them, a good microclimate environment is formed. Through the overall construction of the project, the park will be built into an ecological financial innovation demonstration zone that gathers high-end elements in the Yangtze River Delta region.

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