South Feihong Square, Xi An

The project is located in the South Third Ring Road of Xi’an City, with Zhuque Street in the west, Provincial Expressway Group in the east, and South Third Ring Road to the south. Grade A office building, platinum five-star Le Méridien hotel, urban boutique LOFT apartment and commercial street, with a total construction area of 412,000 square meters. The first phase mainly includes commercial streets, municipal green belt landscapes, and a height difference wall (about 6.5 meters) with a length of 260 meters. The focus is on building an artistic commercial block and an ecological urban art greening interface. The second phase mainly includes the indoor landscape of the shopping center, three-dimensional greening, roof greening, and the surrounding commercial landscape interface. Together with the first phase, it will create a comprehensive commercial complex in Xi'an that integrates art, display, innovation, and ecological positioning.

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