The Central and Wanchai Promenade, Hong Kong

The Wan Chai Promenade from Tamar to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre incorporates a children-friendly green space along the Wan Chai waterfront for appreciating the Victoria Harbour. The promenade space of 7800 square metres is largely a lawn for strolling and playing. The project also provides different forms of sitting-out area and topography landscaping, allowing visitors to sit back and relax while enjoying the panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour.

The activity space at the end near Tamar Park is designed with a "FunScape" theme. Unlike conventional children's playgrounds mainly featuring fixtures or proprietary playing equipment, the "FunScape" explores an unconventional approach cultivating a free space for improvised games or group activities by way of horticulture design and undulating grass berms with colourful pipes tunneling through the berms. This open lawn setting not only offers children an inclusive play experience, but it also aims at encouraging children to use their imagination to create their own play space and enjoy a creative play journey at the harbourfront. This experimental approach aims to bring new ideas for more and more innovative children's play experiences along the

waterfront in the future.

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