Nanjing Zhengda Himalaya Center

The project is located in the core business center of Nanjing Southern New Town, adjacent to the South Square of Nanjing South Railway Station, with a broad landscape area of about 54,000 square meters. It is a mixed development of business offices, and distinctive hotels, comprehensive businesses, hotel apartments, etc. The architectural design is based on the presentation of the "ideal landscape city." Landscape and architecture are integrated. The overall concept takes mountains and rivers as the focus and runs through the whole project. Based on the Tianchi mountain as the origin (AB plot), through the village (CD plot), and finally to the quiet and elegant Guangta bamboo forest (EF plot). Flowing green in the commercial complex's multi levels, leading people to walk from the busy ground street to a three-dimensional commercial park, walk between architecture and landscape, altogether will help rebuild the dialogue between city and nature.

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A subsidiary of The Graphex Group (HK 06128)