This design utilizes the mitigation and extension of space to achieve hierarchy and order to create a place to escape the chaos of the busy world. As visitors approach Shangkun Yueshan, they are greeted by a magnificent main gateway. The landscape wall, sequential paving, and sculpture then introduces visitors to a new landscape. A second gateway is highlighted by bamboo, elk sculpture, and golden ginkgos. A third gateway consists of a spiritual landmark and waterscape imparting a sense of living in seclusion and surrounded by water and woods. Visitors arrive at the fourth gateway for interaction and entertainment then pass the fifth gateway, where they will be walking on the riverfront corridor, feeling the breeze under a clear sky and looking out into the distance. As visitors pass a bridge, they arrive at the final gateway, where the private yards are located. Everyone here has a dream yard which provide visitors with just enough privacy to interact with neighbors and enjoy themselves.

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