Hengqin New District Tianmu River Urban Artistic Zone Master Planning, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province

Tianmu River is located in the Henqin New District in Zhuhai, the 7.3km long river course is going through the whole new district from east to west.

Because it located in the portal location connecting Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macau, the geometrical advantage is significant. The river course starts from Erjin wetland and ends at Macau, integrating the design requirement “Magnificent 3 Kilometers” , the whole site is divided into 5 theme zones: Ecological Habitat, Parkland Community, Heart of Tianmu River, Artistic Zone, China-Latin America Relationship Zone. According to theme and proposed programs of each zone, we identify the space layout, architecture, landscape design style and form. Heart of Tianmu River Zone the core area of this project that is full of Lingnan features, the Artistic Zone is modern art district and the China-Latin America Relationship Zone is design to be the place mimicking the exotic Latin American ambience.

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