Zhuhai Heart of City Central District Conceptual Planning

Zhuhai Heart of City Project is located in the city center. With the tremendous natural resource around, it will be the most important hub of the city. The site covers 34.65 hectares, the master planning determined this area to be the mix-use land, connecting with the future north core zone, it will be the most popular and vital commercial center in Zhuhai and the most charming and high-quality city center in South China.

This project’s construction will be based on the collective development of city north side core zone and business zone, providing entertainment and recreation for office workers and retail consumers. Combination of multiple retail programs such as restaurant, entertainment, book store and cinema, integrating subtle environmental, architecture and interior design style, this area will be one of the most popular Lifestyle CBD in Asia and become a perfect model of the fusion of residential, work and recreation.

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