CSCEC Houhuhai National Agriculture Park Master Planning

Project is located in Jianxia District, Wuhan, which is 40km away from Wuhan city center. The planning area is 474.7 hectare approximately. The intention of building this project is to motivate National New-Type Urbanization in Wuhan and explore new development mode led by large-mid scale state-owned enterprises, upgrade modern agriculture and set benchmark of city-village coordination, and finally achieve government, farmer, market and enterprise all-win situation.

The planning framework is based on “1 belt and 1 road, 4 function zones” to develop “golden shoreline, ecological green island”. Design theme is inspired by pastoral lifestyle, combining with requirements of scientific agriculture production, a variety of tourism programs have been planned such as sightseeing, experience, recreation, resort and education. Tourists can experience multiple and diverse tourism services.

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