10th China (Wuhan) International Garden

The overall design of Wuhan International Garden Expo focuses on the theme ‘Green Valley’. Mountains were created in the North of the site and Water in the South combining two important traditional Chinese landscape design skills of placing water and mountain to define the overall visual planning structure of the Expo. These two sectors also act in defining the characteristics of the different parts of the site. Additionally, the ‘Green Valley’ features a main axis and the Zhang Gong Di cultural axis to form four main gardens: The Eco garden, Cultural healing garden, Fantasy water garden, and Urban garden. Each of which feature its own main thematic pavilion: the Ecological Pavilion, Life Pavilion, Crane Chirping Tower, and Comprehensive Pavilion. Overall, these ‘2 Sectors, 4 Pavilions’ define the variety of characteristic sectors in the site. The ‘Green Valley’ tourist routes highlight 3 different themes: the storytelling of the garden expo history on the main axis; the story of Wuhan on the Zhang Gong Di axis; and ‘Mountain and Water’ throughout the entire garden expo. As a whole, the traffic system is formed as the symbolic patterns of vines and branches that grow from the center of the green valley creating the organic pathway throughout. Throughout we used the four design methods ‘Connection’, ‘Renovation’, ‘Activation’, and ‘Mountains and Streams’ to realize our six principles of the design: Ecologic; Innovative; Delightful; Sustainable; Cost-Efficient; and Artistic.

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