BM Plaza, Shanghai

The site is at an important position within the city - on a direct axis with the railway station and close to the winding Suzhou Creek. Proximity of the site to these critical as well as various other important transportation nodes provides design inspiration.

The ‘Big Idea’ concept is to bring in the patterns relating to rail and river - the geometric grid pattern of the rail lines and angled ‘river wakes’ and then represent them in a subtle form. In order to achieve a modern representation of the elements to match the architectural style and image of the hotel, the materials used must be clean, contemporary and efficient. Therefore, clean, bold patterns, strong color combinations and a limited color palette, such as whites, grays and greens, all reinforce the contemporary feel of the site. Meanwhile, sketch options that show quick idea solutions are based on the same overall concept idea.

Variation in character can alter the theme as slower, showing river character, or a more rapid rail character. Landscape materials can further reinforce the theme by utilizing water ripples and cascades, cobbles and ‘railway sleeper’ paving blocks.

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