Legation Quarter Beijing

A step away from Tiananmen Square in central Beijing and adjoining the historic Dong Jian Min Xiang Alley, the former Qing Dynasty American Embassy is being transformed into a landmark cultural and entertainment destination. The new district will be a window to China’s political past and a gateway to the “new China” thus providing a continuous memory trail.

The adaptive reuse project paves the way for a new movement of historical preservation in Beijing. The site abounds in history, stories and historical buildings. It is the former home of the American Embassy, a compound with over 100 years of history and the last remaining fully

intact foreign embassy from the Qing Dynasty.

The landscape regeneration plan for the former American Embassy will preserve and respect the historical integrity of this prestigious site and transform it into a new destination for high-end dining, entertainment and expression of the arts. The central lawn and surrounding landscape

will offer more than a garden landscape. The simplicity of the open layout and its inviting nature will be a unique asset for Beijing which encourages interaction and rethinks the concept of closed inaccessible lawns.

The lawn and surrounding landscape is designed to encourage multiple uses such as outdoor dining, exhibitions, fashion shows, musical performances and other special events throughout the year.

The Legation Quarter, due for launch this year, will be a landmark in Beijing and a model for adaptive reuse, revitalization, and historical preservation. It will breathe new commercial, cultural, and historic life into the city and the political and cultural heart of China.

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