Solana, Beijing

Solana is the largest city park in an Asian-European style and is located on the northwest lake shore in Chaoyang Park. This shopping area has a sunny ambience, a secluded lake, elegant architecture and romantic pathways. The harbor introduces a worldwide shopping experience into the park, via a Lifestyle Shopping Center. Blue Harbor embraces a beautiful environment with an abundance of shops, exquisite water features, colorful hanging gardens and over three hundred trees which all provide rare ecological scenery in a busy urban environment. The landscape design consists of sustainablevisual effects with arbors, shrubs, deciduous flowering trees and evergreen trees. Furthermore, Blue Harbor embraces the park’s views of leisure and relaxation with terraces, water features, ground courtyards and plazas.

Colorful cobble stones and granite paving, low trees and planting walls make people feel like they are taking a stroll on a European street.

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