About Us

Earthasia Design Group

EADG was founded by British Architect Jon Prescott in 1981. After witnessing the return of Hong Kong to mainland China the firm took the opportunity to place itself in a pivotal position to experience the extraordinary rise of the enhanced role and responsibility landscape architecture would plays in China.

During the break-neck speed of change of urban development in China and other developing Asian countries, Landscape Architects have been integral to the shaping of urban systems, natural ecologies and public communities. EADG has played an important role in this period which has led to significant expansion and growth of EADG’s practice leading to more than 500 staff across over a dozen offices. EADG are proud to have been part of this profound change, and to contributing to the rising profile of global professional landscape architecture and, its unique characteristics within Asia.

We strive to combine our considerable international experiences with local cultural insights to help shape the changes in response to our clients’ aspirations and vision.


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A subsidiary of The Graphex Group (HK 06128)